Unlike other dumbwaiters, the Ascent comes complete &#8212 the entire drive system is pre-installed on the underside of the car, with the car’s chassis/trolley pre-installed on a section of the track. On-site installation is simple &#8212 cutting up to a full day of installation time compared to other dumbwaiters. The Ascent offers superb performance for years to come. Features of the Ascent include:

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Comes with car and drive system pre-mounted on the track
  • Cable drive system pre-installed on car
  • No pulleys to install
  • A single, simplified rail system
  • Easy plug ‘n’ play wiring
  • Made in the USA

    The Cable-Waiterâ„¢ offers convenience and flexibility, with economy. Available in wood, steel and stainless steel cars, this unit boasts up to a 100-lb. capacity. A roll top gate and a shelf are standard on all wood cars. Metal cars offer steel shelves, and a choice of bi-parting or slide-up gates. Designed to carry everything from delicate glassware to laundry, groceries, etc., this agile model is also comfortable in light-duty commercial applications, such as offices or medical clinics.

    Standard features include:

    • Car safety
    • Slack cable device
    • Top final limit switch
    • Call-send stations
    • 50-lb. or 100-lb. capacity
    • Welded steel or wood car
    • Car gates